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We are a small creative team, trying to enrich the lives of others

Some history

Cristóbal Guerrero Granados began his professional career in 1978, founding RUGUE, his first business, whose principle activity was the implementation of foundations, the construction of reinforced concrete structures and masonry in general, but also covering a wide range of other projects, from small-scale alterations or restorations to the construction of single family homes and blocks of flats. Over time, RUGUE would come to be lead by his sons, at which point the company began to immerse itself in the field of luxury housing and villa development. With over 35 years dedicated to the construction of high-level buildings, RUGUE has a workforce of 160 employees, with ample capacity to cover projects of any magnitude in the entire regional territory, especially in the Costa del Sol, Ronda and Cádiz.

We are experts in

High-level buildings
Key in hand projects
Real estate
  • It is not just a question of protecting oneself, but rather that of a way for civilisation to express itself through surprising and practical construction.

    - Álvaro Ancona -
  • You have the capacity to dream and we that of turning your dreams into reality.

    - RUGUE -

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We are committed to the satisfaction of the clients, working in constant contact with them in order to guarantee the correct development of each project and the accomplishment of objectives and deadlines efficiently and economically

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Calle Naranja 31-33, local 1
29400 RONDA (Málaga)

+34 952 870 760


Camino Camoján, 7
Edificio Camoján, Local 2
29602 MARBELLA (Málaga)

+34 952 870 760